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This Collection Of Web Comics Really Explains What Its Like To Be A Gamer

Illustration by Jamal Khurshid

Being a gamer is like being any other subset of human being, like a gardener, or snake wrestler, it involves dealing with a number of stereotypes. Namely Sony, and Aiwa, but some prefer others.

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The Newest Open World Procedurally Generated MMO

Jim Benton

An Insightful And True Reason What Motivation Lurks At The Heart of Many Gamers


Reasons Why Games Will Never Be 100 Percent Realistic


There Are Niches of Gamers That Play Only One Game Really Well

Invisible Bread

The World of The Indie Game Development Causes Many Random Moments

Steffen Wittig

The Future of Gaming Will Not Be For The Weak

John McNamee

EA Sucks

K. P. McCalla

As Games’ Audiences Expand, Games May Change to Address Factors That May Alienate Players


Of Course, Video Game Consoles Do Suck Compared to Hammers

Britton Black

The Six Types of Gamer Couples

George Rottkamp via laughingsquid

The Many Ways That Video Games Are Nothing Like Real Life

Dorky via laughingsquid

Dorky via laughingsquid

Dorky via laughingsquid

Dorky via laughingsquid

Gamer Stereotypes

Dorky via laughingsquid

Dorky via laughingsquid

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