Quirky And Extraordinary Moments Of Everyday Life In Japan By Shin Noguchi

There is something extraordinary magical about Japan and its culture and Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi proves that through his photographs of everyday life in Japan. He catches the peculiar, surreal and strangely beautiful shapes and situations that occur when people don’t think anyone is watching.

Noguchi, himself, describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, humanism, and beauty among the flow of everyday life. His approach to art is discreet, poetic and enigmatic, which allows the artist to find the subtleties and complexities of Japanese culture without relying on staged, no-finder or hip shot photography.

Explaining his philosophy, he says, “Street photography always projects the ‘truth.’ The ‘truth’ that I talk about isn’t necessarily that I can see, but they also exist in society, in street, in people’s life. And I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and viewpoint/perspective.”

More: Shin Noguchi, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

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