Lizzy Gadd’s Photography Truly Shows The Difference Between A “Selfie” And A Self-Portrait

Selfies are probably the most common photographs created today. Most of us shoot them, but how many of us shoot them the way Lizzy Gadd does? Lizzy photographs herself in the various landscapes of the world and her work truly illustrates the difference between a simple “selfie” and a “self-portrait”.

Lizzy’s also the subject of SmugMug’s latest film, which sees her exploring Scotland’s beautiful Isle of Skye looking for new worlds in which to place herself. She talks about her motivation and technique, and it’s fascinating to listen to her insights and thought process.

On the SmugMug blog, Lizzy says that she’s quite particular about the mood in her work and that her favourite photos involve moody weather, mist, sunrises and sunsets.

More: Instagram h/t: diyphotography

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