You Can Live With A Polar Bear Mother And Cub With These Life-Sized Art Masterpieces

This unique work is the first in film-oriented creative studio Blast, Inc.’s ANIMALS AS ART product line. Blast, Inc.’s producer Junya Okabe got the idea after he had the misfortune of seeing a taxidermy specimen of a once living polar bear set up in a storefront during a visit abroad.

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Although deeply saddened to know that such as majestic creature had been killed and exploited for human entertainment, he was inspired to make animals which looked incredibly realistic and alive, so that people would no longer kill and use animals in this way. Furthermore, he later decided that a percentage of the cost (1%) would be donated to the WWF. This was the origin of the ANIMALS AS ART project.

Thanks to his longtime friend Shuichi Miwaki, who helms Kaiyodo, Japan’s premier figure maker, Okabe was able to find Shinobu Matsumura, an expert animal sculptor working on Kaiyodo’s animal products and tasked him to make a zoologically correct base model of a polar bear sleeping peacefully with its cub. Once the model was complete, Blast, Inc.’s art studio Zeppet Workshop, lead by chief model creator, Yuya Takahashi, set about producing the life sized models, marshaling a team of top industry talents with a 30-year track record of unmatched craftsmanship. The result is a work of art of unrivaled quality and realism.

The synthetic, animal-free fur is provided by a manufacturer whose products can be seen in blockbuster Hollywood films. Each hair is painstakingly and precisely implanted into the body to recreate an authentic look and feel.

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