Kennel Club Dog Photographer Of The Year 2016

Puppies, pugs and the perfect antidote to political pandemonium, it’s the Kennel Club’s dog photographer of the year competition.


This photo issued by the Kennel Club was taken by Monika Madi from the UK, of her puppy chewing a hat. It has won third place in the puppy category in the Kennel Club dog photographer of the year competition. (Photo by Monika Madi/PA Wire)


First place in the puppy category was won by Linda Storm from the US, of a rescue puppy enjoying a bowl of milk. (Photo by Linda Storm/PA Wire)


Second place in the portrait category was won by Andrey Ershov from Russia. (Photo by Andrey Ershov/PA Wire)


Jamie Morgan’s two Afghan hounds won first place in the portrait category. (Photo by Jamie Morgan/PA Wire)


First place in the oldies category goes to Kevin Smith from the UK. (Photo by Kevin Smith/PA Wire)


A service dog from the West Midlands fire brigade, photographed by Robert James Dray from the UK, has won second place in the dogs at work category. (Photo by Robert James Dray/PA Wire)


Hugo the labrador retriever has won first place in the “I love dogs because…” (under 18) category, with the award taken by Jade Hudson from the UK. (Photo by Jade Hudson/PA Wire)


This shot of a man and his dog travelling by train, which has won first place in the man’s best friend category, was taken by the UK’s Fiona Sami. (Photo by Fiona Sami/PA Wire)


Third place in the “I love dogs because…” (under 18) category was won by Jasmine Ottley from the UK, who submitted this picture of Sidney the pug who has almost 12,000 Instagram followers. (Photo by Jasmine Ottley/PA Wire)


Polina Ulyanova, from the US, has won third place in the man’s best friend category. (Photo by Polina Ulyanova/PA Wire)


Daniel Nygaard won third place in the dogs at play category with his jumping dalmatian. (Photo by Daniel Nygaard/PA Wire)


Tom Lowe’s four-year-old westie, Baxter, emerging from Loch Lomond won first place in the dogs at play category. (Photo by Tom Lowe/PA Wire)


Elouise Leland won second place in the dogs at play category for her image of two puppies. (Photo by Elouise Leland/PA Wire)


Lou, formerly a working dog, photographed by Kristi Oikawa from Canada, took third place in the dogs at work category. (Photo by Kristi Oikawa/PA Wire)

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