Not Only People Respect Social Distancing Rules – Animals Are Also Following The Recommendation Of WHO In Order To Stop Spreading The Coronavirus Pandemic – Design You Trust

Not Only People Respect Social Distancing Rules – Animals Are Also Following The Recommendation Of WHO In Order To Stop Spreading The Coronavirus Pandemic

Cats respect the social distance rule of 1-meter even while hunting

The WHO (World Health Organization) advises that people should maintain at least 1 meter distance between them in order to prevent spreading the coronavirus infection, which already killed more than 154.726 people and over 2.2 million confirmed cases.

And while humans are starting to get used to the new reality, animals are also joining the club. People are sharing photos of their pets practicing social distancing in order to stop spreading the pandemic because hey – after all, we all live on the same planet so we are into this together.

h/t: bemorepanda

A group of cats siting on chairs, making sure they follow the 1-meter distance

This is how cats are are social distancing in Japan

In Poland, same like in Japan, everyone respect the rules, including cats

At a grocery store, next in line is a cat respecting the social distancing indicators

Seagulls get it

Who is next in line, please?

This dog is saving a space for its owner

How dogs are keeping social distance in Croatia

Meanwhile in India, dogs are rescpecting the distance

Only one cat a time is allowed to enter the house

This is how Moose are practising social distancing

The moment you see your neighbour on the stairs and you realize you are too close to him

Cats seems to get this

Ducks enjoying a nice view and spending a good time 1-meter apart

Every dog knows that social distancing is a must

Romeo and Julieta during coronavirus pandemic

If everyone will respect the social distancing as these two good boys

Seagulls keeping distance between each other

Stay safe, stay home & visit through the glass

Bin Chickens make sure that Backpackers are respecting the rules

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