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Here Comes The Bear: Fairytale-Like Photos Of Russian Family Playing With A Real Bear In The Forest


Russian photographer Olga Barantseva (previously here and here) captured these incredible shots of Russian family playing with a giant brown bear. The images look straight out of a fairytale, showing a softer side to the big predator. As part of an anti-hunting campaign, the extraordinary photos are meant to “show the natural harmony between humans and bears,” according to Barantseva.


The bear, named Stepan, weighs more than 1,400 pounds and stands at a height of over 7 feet, but he is completely docile and willing to pose with his human collaborators. Stepan was rescued from hunters as a cub by his owner, professional circus trainer Yury Panteleenko. The bear was raised to be people-friendly, and has played roles in over 20 Russian films.


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