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Superb Surreal Photo Manipulations By Ben Robins That Challenge Logic

Nowadays, it would be hard to imagine photo editing without Photoshop as it comes in handy not only for professional but also for personal use. People use it for a lot of things starting from creating designs to making themselves look better for pitch-perfect Instagram photos.

Probably most of us will also agree that this software is a mighty tool that helps people to unleash their creativity and make magical otherworldly images that would be impossible using only photography. And when it comes to creating magical otherworldly images, one of the first things that come to our minds is photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation allows us to change and transform a shot, using various tools and techniques to get a wished reality for a result. It helps people to create amazing images that would be impossible in reality completely unleashing a person’s creativity and surprising others.

“I love the effect that photos can have on people. […] I’ve always loved the ability to stop time and preserve a moment, or to take something perfectly ordinary and tweak it into something extraordinary,” he said.

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