Futuristic Photographs Of The Block Tower In Hong Kong By Toby Harriman – Design You Trust

Futuristic Photographs Of The Block Tower In Hong Kong By Toby Harriman

«For years I have seen amazing pictures and series of these public housing and aparments tower blocks being built and I knew I wanted to see and document for myself», says Toby Harriman. The American photographer went to Hong Kong for four days, during a trip to Asia, and decided to make this uniques series and video called «The Block Tower».

Using drones and view points, the artist went on few different spots during different times of the day, to get a different light on the buildings.

«I went with the goal of taking abstract videos and displaying them more like art, showing off their true scale. I wanted to show these buildings in a different visual revealing way».

More: Toby Harriman h/t: fubiz

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