Surreal and Meaningful Illustrations by Lisa Aisato

Lisa Aisato is a well-known artist and author for children’s books in Norway. Her career started back in 2008 and since then she has released a few of her own books as well as illustrated for other authors too. Her work has also been posted in various publications, magazines, etc.

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Lisa’s style is very unique: her watercolor-like illustrations convey the simple beauty of life, reminding us of important things such as love, family and friendship. Aisato’s art is captivating in the best way possible, and more often than not, her works convey the feelings of being carefree and positive.

“I’ve been drawing all my life, of course, and my drawing has always been closely connected with literature. When I was a child, my mother read aloud to me and my sister a lot and I was constantly drawing while listening to her. As an adult, I frequently listen to audiobooks and podcasts while working. I think the fact that I continued drawing when most children quit, maybe around the age of 10, helped me develop my skills beyond the average. I remember I learnt the word ‘illustrator’ at the age of 13 and wrote in a school essay that I wanted to become one when I grew up,” she told Bored Panda.

“Most of my work is inspired by different texts. I have worked with book, newspaper and magazine illustrations for 13 years.

I’m a good observer of people, that’s probably the most important part of my work. I have to be able to depict human emotion and communicate subtle moods and atmosphere to tell a story with only a picture, and to add meaning and value to the text I’m illustrating. And sometimes I’m just inspired by an old man walking in the rain, a woman’s beautiful profile with a wonderful crooked nose that I see on the subway, or my son looking at a butterfly. I get inspired by the little things in our everyday life.”

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