The Cosplay Artist Manually Collected Valkyrie’s Suit From “God Of War” In 1000 Hours

We love God of War. We stan God of War. And we definitely appreciate the cosplay from God of War. Sony Santa Monica’s reimagining of the series is a masterpiece and we can say it over and over again without ever getting sick of it. While plenty have taken a swing at series protagonist Kratos, you really need to give credit to some outlier characters — like the recent cosplay of Valkyrie Rota.

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In case you haven’t played it, the Valkyries in God of War are not easy, in fact, they’re the toughest enemies to beat in the game. Scattered throughout the different realms, the Valkyries Eir, Geirdriful, Gondul, Gunnr, Hildr, Kara, Olrun, Rota and Sigrun wait to destroy you with their devastating attacks.

Romina, also known as Raahega on Instagram, recently uploaded photos of her new cosplay as Rota. The cosplayer shared on Reddit that the costume took about eight months to complete, working on it for 2-3 hours on weekends. Rota is a Helheim Valkyrie who’s not easily defeated because of her devastating attacks that could easily obliterate you.

Romina also shared on Reddit that the costume was difficult to be in and she could only be in it for 15 minutes max with the wings on. She also needed someone to help her put the wings on and take them off. But, her hard work paid off because this cosplay is not only amazing, but the details are exquisite.

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