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These Cosmic Painted Gloves Are The Only Way To Make It Through Winter


Gloves are probably the least desirable piece of the winter wardrobe and most of the time I just feel like I a penguin when I have to wear them. I mean, have you ever seen a really cool pair of gloves? Well me neither, until I came across these weathered vintage leather gloves, hand-painted by LA-based artist Bunnie Reiss.

More info: Bunnie Reiss (h/t: messynessychic)


“My Cosmic Animal Gloves are one of my favorite on-going projects where I get to play with the idea of old and new, symmetry and our strange connection to the cosmic world of spirit animals,” says Bunnie, who also frames them like museum-worthy pieces and puts them up for sale on her website.




Bunny also paints anything from shoes and other leather goods to cars and buildings:


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