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This Home Baker’s Gorgeous Rye Bread Could Start A Revolution

When scoring bread, bakers use a small double-sided kitchen blade called a lame (pronounced lahm) to make precise, strategic cuts across the dough’s surface. These slashes allow moisture to escape and give the finished loaf that sought-after complex crust. The cutting process is mesmerizing to watch, and the post-bake result is even more so. What enters the oven as raw shaped bread with small gashes emerges as a fully formed loaf with crispy ridges and arcs in earthen hues of gold and brown.

Bread scoring today is all about flair and skill—just take a look at the master works of Blondie + Rye. This home baker’s gorgeous rye bread could start a revolution. Known as Hannah P., she only bakes bread on the side, but her wheat staff and chevron patterns work full time.

More: Instagram h/t: bakefromscratch

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