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This Mom Makes Awesome Costumes, Masks And Toys Out Of Cardboard Boxes For Her Kids

According to a mom & artist Alicia Brown: “Hi there my name is Alicia, I live and love in Melbourne with my two boys and my partner. There is so much I love about motherhood and one of my favorite things about being a mother is that I get to make stuff for my kids. Life doesn’t get much better then seeing my childrens faces light up with joy when I’ve made something special just for them.”

More: Alicia Brown, Instagram, Youtube h/t: boredpanda

“I started making things for them when the toys and dress-up costumes that I thought they needed for imaginative play seemed too expensive. I thought, “I could make that”.”

“I love working with cardboard cos it’s free and so versatile and I’d hate to see a perfectly beautiful crisp cardboard box be thrown away. There is so much more to cardboard than one use. It has so much to give. All it needs is some imagination. I do make other things for them that are not cardboard but it just seems that I always return to cardboard.”

“I really want to make magical memories for my kids and for them to unleash their imaginations. I hope by seeing me creating these things for them that it helps with that. I would love to make alot more for them but obviously like other parents I find it hard to find the time.”

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