The ‘Disappearing’ Beauty Of Greenland In Photographs By Albert Dros

According to Albert Dros: “Greenland is hot! Quite literally. Summer this year has been one of the hottest summers in Greenland. The icecap is melting faster than ever before. The current melt was only predicted to happen in 2070. And with 50 years ‘ahead of schedule’ it will only get worse. But Greenland is also ‘hot’ in another way.

This summer alone, 40 cruise ships visited the relatively small town Ilulissat on the west coast of Greenland. When I was there for 12 days this summer, I saw 6 different ships come and go. One of them had 13 decks, 3,500 passengers and 900 crew on it. To put this into perspective: Ilulissat itself has only a population of close to 5,000. This cruise ship almost doubles the town’s population. Tourism is booming. And Greenland is ‘hot’ in the media too, with Trump recently wanting to buy the country!”

More: Albert Dros, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

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