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This Fascinating Photo Project Shows How Much Family Means To Every Single One Of Us


Family is the most precious thing people have. Michele Crowe, an American photographer, shows in her photo project just how different and varied families across the globe can be. At the same time, though, families are very much alike in the love that is shared within them. Here’s a look at families from all over the world.

h/t: brightside

Luca, Silvia, and Chiara in Rome, Italy

The Bloem family in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Foster, Teddy, and Katie Nyack in New York, USA

Rina, John, Redding, and Ruby in New York, USA

The Lorenzi family in Modena, Italy

The Martens family in Berlin, Germany

The Mathur family in New Delhi, India

Mother and son in Giovinazzo, Italy

The Wrobel family in Warsaw, Poland

Sisters Jessica and Lara with their mom in London, England

Carmen, Maheva, and Bertrand in Paris, France

Lise with her daughters Rose and Celeste in Nice, France

The Ensing family in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jerome, Cecile, Theo, and Charlotte in La Landeron, Switzerland

The Veniero family in Palermo, Italy

The Fournier family in Paris, France

The Rosciglione family in Palermo, Sicily

The Lavolpicella boys in San Giorgio, Italy

Kuldeep & family in Jodhpur, India

Ulrike, Sophia, & Louisa in Bietigheim Baden, Germany

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