“Spuds You Like”: Spectacular Winning Photos From The Potato Photographer Of The Year 2020

The inaugural Potato Photographer of the Year prize has gone to a potato getting a lockdown haircut. Judged by a panel including organiser Benedict Brain and Martin Parr, the competition raised funds for the food bank charity, The Trussell Trust.

First prize – End of Lockdown: ‘This is delightful, imaginative, and a good laugh. And again, a bit bonkers. What we all need at this grim time.’ Paul Hill. Photograph: Ray Spence

More: Potato Photographer Of The Year h/t: theguardian

Second place – A Potato: ‘This looks like an alien lifeform, photographed on the surface on a barren planet by a Nasa robot.’ Nigel Atherton. Photograph: David White

Untitled: ‘This carefully arranged tableau is a work that stayed most in my mind when I went back and forth through the excellent contributions to the competition. The photographer has creatively used what looks like available light in an empty kitchen, and the image also reflects effectively the claustrophobic side of the lockdown.’ Paul Hill. Photograph: Tova Krentzman

Potato Slug: ‘I like the fact that this spud looks like a cross between a seal and a unicorn.’ Martin Parr. Photograph: Laure Gibault

Planting Jersey Royals: ‘A very well arranged image showing potato pickers. Looks like back-breaking work.’ Martin Parr. Photograph: Peter Hubert

Frites in Bruges: ‘How reassuring to see a helping of chips and mayonnaise.’ Martin Parr. Photograph: William Richardson

Third place – Tight Market Specifications: ‘This image looks at the politics of the potato from two angles – its indigenous origins and the current domination of agriculture by a single company – and cleverly combines them is a thoughtfully conceived and well-executed composite image.’ Nigel Atherton. Photograph: Amy D’Agorne

Apple of the Earth: an interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve, where the potato epitomises the fundamentals of life.. Photograph: Jodie Kraus

Eating a ‘potato face’: shot from inside my mouth. Photograph: Justin Quinnell

2030: climate change and food shortages prompt citizens to grow their own food. ‘I like the humour in this image and have nothing but admiration for the effort the photographer went to in order to create it.’ Nigel Atherton. Photograph: Amy D’Agorne

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