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Sama-Sama: A Malaysian Portraiture


“I decided I wanted to push the boundaries of photography by making a series of images that will resonate to Malaysians, telling them that they do not need any political schemes, or religious sanctity to be united, when we already are united by the things we do and enjoy together. It is the common things that bring us together that builds our identity as Malaysians, not any political gerrymandering. Someone made mention that images alone can be powerful, but only if done right. If that statement is true enough, then this project already possess the challenge for me to design a set of photographs that can move people’s souls, or at least relate to them.”


“Using elements and subjects like our local tropical fruits, local delicacies, local favourite sports, local rainforest animals, local slangs, and local tropical flowers, I wanted to create an exaggerated imagery that will create a gaping “wow”, but still be understood that this series is about being Malaysian, or at least know that it is a highly Malaysian imagery. Using portraits of ordinary Malaysian youths as a format to deliver that imagery, I am hoping that these images will be able to show the complexity in technique and thinking required to produce them.”


“Most importantly, I want to remind all Malaysians that we are Sama-Sama; same-same through the things that bind us together.” – Kyle Low.


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