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La Purrsh: Enter Casey Weldon’s Entrancing World Of Love, Fear And Nostalgia

Casey Weldon’s post pop-surrealist work has made heads turn throughout the art world and gathered thousands of fans who can’t get enough of his psychedelic, dreamlike visual storytelling which links humans with the natural world in the most unusual ways.

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Relying on a trippy palette of neon pink and blue hues, the Seattle-based artist depicts interactions between vibrant flora and fauna against gloomy backgrounds, creating truly exciting pieces that are absurdist yet warm and familiar.

Weldon frequently combines melancholic tones with his flamboyant humor, and he does it like no one else. His paintings generate a sense of sweet nostalgia for something that never existed, something perhaps seen in a lucid dream, and this powerful experience easily hooks the viewer’s imagination and emotions. Among his favorite subjects are women and cats, represented amid strikingly gorgeous sceneries.

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