What If Your Favorite Disney Character Was Killed By Hunters?


According to MONK, a street artist: “I’m MONK, a Belgian “grartist” (graphic designer during the day, artist during nights). Since I remember, I’ve always had something to draw with in my hands, and ideas in my head. I have always tried to combine the two of them.”


“Being in love with street culture, I naturally evolved with street tools: spray-paint, stencils, stickers, paste-ups. My sketches always starts with a pencil, later cleaned using the computer.”


“I am constantly moving, traveling and meeting new people. I have new ideas and come up with new sketches and projects. My key is having ideas and make them happen. Put colors in your life!!”


Let’s continue with a sort of the amazing street artworks of MONK below:

Via Bored Panda

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