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A Helpful 1930’s Guide On How To Avoid Electrocuting Yourself


Back in 1931 Austrian-British physician Stefan Jellinek wrote a book called ‘Elektroschutz in 132 Bildern’ in which he demonstrated through a series of illustrations how easy it can be to accidentally electrocute and potentially kill yourself.


Today thanks to regulated safety standards, electricity is installed.


Thanks to industry regulated safety standards, deaths by accidental electrocution are far less frequent, a combination of safer installation and earth wires. But some 80 years ago, electrocution was a very real proposition when dealing with any form of electricity.


Without todays safety measures in place, it was all to easy for the human body to act as the conductor between the power source and the ground. That unfortunate combination of elements allows the current to discharge likely resulting in your death.


Jellinek’s guide might seem a little quirky and strange in the present day, but during the 1931’s is was a valuable guide and one which potentially could save your life.


Via So Bad So Good

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