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Hilarious Illustrations That Will Help You Figure Out If You’re An Adult


It seems like adults were always our worst enemies when we were kids. Always ruining a good time. We weren’t allowed to eat candy for breakfast, they made us go to bed at a reasonable hour on school nights and a good education was so important that we had to wake up at the most unreasonable hours to get it. Now we’re the ones that are trying to eat balanced meals, and attempting but failing miserably at balancing fun and getting adequate sleep before work tomorrow. This is our life now, this is what we have become.

h/t: theawesomedaily


If you’re having trouble accepting your fate, maybe this series of comics by Chicago-based art director Cristina Vanko will make you feel better about growing up. It’s called “100 Days of Adulting” and I don’t know about you, but it definitely makes me feel better. If you can laugh at these hilariously relatable cartoons, there may still be hope for you yet.


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