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Artist Calls Attention To Modern Day Problems With 50 Thought-Provoking Problems

Art has recently grown into a relatively strong medium to convey critique. Whether it’s of the way we live our lives, the way “things are done” in our society, or the way we abuse the planet (or abuse each other).

In a world where a single picture can tell a thousand words—how information is much more consumed via imagery rather than language—art turns out to be an effective way to understand the scope of an issue and to call for change.

This is the trajectory that artist and illustrator Davide Bonazzi has also chosen. He creates witty illustrations that critique today’s world and society.

More: Davide Bonazzi, Instagram h/t: boredpanda

The artist combines digital media with the textures of real objects to give his images a unique signature look. When asked about inspiration, he said: “I think inspiration is overrated: the most important thing in order to get good ideas is concentration. Illustrators don’t have time to wait for an inspiration, they have to find it. The more I rack my brain and stay focused on the subject I have to illustrate, the better ideas I get. This said it’s plenty of things that inspire me in everyday life, especially related to visual arts, films, graphic novels, documentaries, etc.”

“The thing I like the most is the possibility of drawing all day long, working on thrilling projects and sharpening my skills every day. I feel lucky to have turned my lifelong passion into a real job. I know this may sound strange to many people, but illustration makes me feel alive and happy!”

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