What’s Wrong With Today’s Society Captured In 32 Brutally Honest Illustrations By John Holcroft

This Illustration Is Going To Lose Me Some Followers

There are a lot of issues in today’s society. Addiction to social media, devaluation of workers, unhealthy lifestyles, and that’s just a few of them. A lot of us don’t even notice these problems; we either ignore them or don’t run into them at all. However, artist John Holcroft tackles them head-on and illustrates the issues of today’s world in his satirical and honest art.

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Illustration About Mental Health At A Time Of Social Isolation

John (previously) has been illustrating since 1996. He works and lives in the UK. His past clients include Guardian, Telegraph, Times, BBC, and many others. John Holcroft’s art looks simplistic, but it hides a deep and complicated meaning. It’s pretty amazing how he can portray such serious topics with one simple illustration.

One Day This Will Be Yours

John shares what issues in today’s world he is most passionate about: “I’m not more passionate about issues than anyone else; however, I don’t like injustices of any kind so I usually focus my concepts on the things most people care about, such as corporate greed, climate change, and politics. If I had the power to change the world I would try to put an end to corrupt governments and corporate giants having control. I would make sure money is put in the right places, i.e.: tackling climate change and I would have a fairer system that cares for ordinary people.”

Enough Said

A Piece About The Fight Against Climate Change

Social Media Can Have A Negative Influence On Teenagers’ Self Esteem, Giving Them A False Impression Of How A Body Should Look

Climate Emergency And How We Are Dealing With It

Profiting From The Causes Of Climate Change

Love Hurts

Making Money

Housing Magazine Article About Asylum Seekers Being Evicted And Having The Locks Changed

The Cost Of Pharmaceuticals

Online Fraud

Liar Liar

Ladder Of Privilege

Going Nowhere

Working From Home In Self Isolation

Illustration About Testing For A Vaccine For Covid-19

About Identity Theft

Virus In The Works

Ladder Of Success

Healthcare Bureaucracy

Piece About Microaggressions

Illustration About Internet Security

Phishing Email Scams On The Increase During Lockdown

Illustration About People Coping Financially During The Pandemic

This Is About Screen Time And How Too Much Can Affect Children’s Physical And Mental Health

Illustration About The Cost Of The Virus

This Is About Saving For Retirement

What Can We Do To Safeguard Our Economies From The Virus?

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