An Artist From Russia Who Paints Portraits With Her Bust

Saint Petersburg is called “the cultural capital of Russia” for reason. Many talented and creative people come from there. An artist Irina Romanovskaya is one of them. She paints portraits of celebrities, publish their photos in Instagram and expensively sell her works without any problem. No, she does not have unique skills like Da Vinci. She stands out with her instruments as Irina paints with her boobs.

More: Instagram h/t: englishrussia

Alexander Beglov – gubernatorial candidate in St. Petersburg.

Khabib, the price of the portrait – 1,5 million rubles (23,5 thousand dollars).

Vladimir Soloviev – Russian TV propagandist.

Fedor Emelyanenko, Russian fighter.

Donald Trump

Russian football players Kokorin and Mamaev painted with mud for their dirty behavior.

Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov

Russian politician Elena Mizulina painted as a witch.

The artist herself.

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