Talented Street Artist Bends Reality With His Three-Dimensional Illusions

Carlos Alberto GH, a Mexican artist based in Guadalajara, specializes in anamorphic street art representing all sorts of surrealistic scenes that come to life when seen from just the right angle.

More: Instagram h/t: odditycentral

From birds and reptiles seemingly coming out of walls, to whales floating above urban sidewalks, street artist Carlos Alberto GH seems capable of turning anything he can think of into a stunning optical illusion. A former archaeological restorer focusing on Mayan sites and artefacts, the 31-year-old artist now dedicates all his time and attention to anamorphic art and detailed street murals.

Carlos Alberto fell in love with the arts very early in life, spending much of his childhood drawing and painting, and even participating in various art contests. But it was street art – anamorphic art in particular – that made him give up his professional career as a restorer and focus exclusively on his passion.

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