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Russian Artist Created Family Protective Suits After The News About Children With Congenital Cancer

Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov presented protective suits for mother and embryo after the news about infants with cancer in the region. Three such cases were recorded in 2019.

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Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov presented his project “Embryo Oncology”. He sewed protective suits for mother and child after the news about newborns with cancer. He told about it on Facebook: “What is this? The point of no return, or vice versa, the zero kilometer of hell? In connection with what happened, I decide to resume active work on my archival Chemical-Nuclear Punk project,” said Slonov. – This project will have many facets, many events have been invented,” Elephants wrote in his post. – Because we are beautiful people, we must refuse to live without beauty, and we have to die beautiful! If we are destined to disperse by personal or collective gas chambers, we will not go slouching in sorrow. It is vitally necessary to approach the edge of the grave waltzing, or braking, who as beautiful! Only beauty, only necroclassicism!”

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