A Badass “Heroic Girls In Movies” Scratch Off Poster

Watch one of the hand-picked movies, then you (or your favorite tween or teen) can scratch it off.

Timothy and Aurélia Sanders of Curious Charts have created a wonderfully badass “Heroic Girls in Movies” scratch-off poster that features 46 illustrated heroines of the silver screen. The artistic duo wanted to inspire their young daughter with examples of strong females who can think, fight and be unapologetically proud of who they are.

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“Heroic Girls in Movies is a scratch-off celebration of fierce young women in flicks.”

This scratch-off poster is a conversation piece that will last for years.

“Our daughter loves movies—like, deeply truly OMG loves them. She’s growing up fast, and we hope she’ll keep watching movies that inspire the tween, teen, and adult she becomes. We hope those movies are smart, fun, and raise questions that spark new conversations. And (full disclosure) we hope these will be movies WE like watching, too.”

It’s scratch-tastic.

“That’s why we’re creating Heroic Girls in Movies. It’s the perfect marriage between a useful resource and an inspiring piece of wall art—and we’re super excited that our Kickstarter community is the first to see it!”

It’s a gift that’s built to last.

Many of the movies on the poster invite discussions about life’s challenges, human rights, resilience, and other influential topics.

But wait, there’s tattoos!

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