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Guy Builds A VHS ‘Store’ In His Basement And It Might Give You Nostalgia

We all love a little nostalgia. Small things that remind us of how it used to be, how things have changed over the years. One of the more nostalgic things out there are VHS tapes. VHS tapes aren’t used almost anywhere anymore, but Nick Collins found a perfect place for them by turning his own basement into an amazing ’90s Blockbuster memorial.

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Nick started collecting retro games in 2012, but when he finished that collection, he wanted something more. He told Bored Panda: “When I neared the end of the road with game collecting, VHS tapes felt like a natural transition.” Nick says he was inspired by American film and video game critic, and YouTuber, James Rolfe aka ‘Angry Video Game Nerd.’ “Around this time, James Rolfe had also done something similar and built a video store in his basement, and I thought that was just the coolest thing!” he said. Nick used the blueprints of James Rolfe’s room and built it himself. He wanted to pay homage to successful movies, and he is very happy that people appreciate his hard work.

Nick shared with us some of the struggles and issues he ran into while building the room: “Really, the only major issue that popped up while building the room was the drop ceiling partially collapsed when we knocked the old wall down. My uncle and I spearheaded the project and between then two of us we figured it out. He’s a real handyman, and I haven’t ever done anything like this before. It was such a rewarding project, and I learned so much along the way. Not just about carpentry, but how to create and mold a vision and really stick to it if you believe in it.”

Bored Panda asked Nick how long it took him to build this amazing room, and he said: “The original room, which was just a little bit bigger than a closet, was gradually built and improved upon over the course of about 4 years; however, when I decided to pull the trigger on the room expansion (which is what you see today), it took about 2 months’ time.”

Nick is thrilled with the way this room turned out; he mentioned that he was even a bit shocked by the end result: “At first it was just going to be an expansion, but not long after we started the project I had the idea to go with a full-on Blockbuster homage. I truly think the vision I had in mind came out very accurate, and most importantly space is maximized to my liking.” When asked if he would do anything differently this time around, he said that he would keep it all the same, because he is very happy with the result.

“My favorite genres are horror and comedy, and some of my favorites are The Monster Squad, Halloween 3, Son in Law, and The Cable Guy!” said Nick, when asked about some of his favorites movies. We also asked him if he has any rare VHS tapes in the ‘store’: “I’d say the rarest one I have is a WWF VHS called “In Your House: Lumberjacks” from 1995. It’s a very hard-to-come-by tape that was not pushed out into mainstream stores. From what I can tell, it may have been a mailaway only.”

The results of his work are amazing. Hundreds of classic famous movies, shelves filled with old-school candy and decorations. You can even get VHS tapes in his online shop and feel the nostalgia for yourself. The old-school enthusiast wants to share the warm memories of old movies with people, and we think he’s doing a great job.

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