Finally, It’s Here. A Collection Of 50 Outrageous Album Covers Ever. Certainly.

The word “outrageous” has many definitions, some positive and some negative. “Exceeding the limits of what is usual.” “Deficient in propriety or good taste.” “Something that doesn’t make any goddamn sense.” Alright, so we made up one of those, but you get the idea. So what makes a truly outrageous album cover? For our list, we simplified the criteria: It should be something that makes you scratch your head and say, “Huh?”

In fact, one of these records does that exact thing if you just say what’s printed on the front. Make no mistake; none of this is a question of good or bad (although some of these certainly fall into the latter category). Otherwise, we would have included plenty more albums from the ’80s. It’s more a question of the bizarre. The strange. The unexplainable.

Confused? Read on. Not that you’ll be any less confused when you finish. But hopefully you’ll be entertained. And, as always, list anything you think we missed in the comments section, and do not forget to check A Collection Of 75 Worst Album Covers Ever!

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