Guy Turns Bus Stop Into A Free Coffee Shop And Spreads A Little Joy

George Barratt-Jones set up a coffee shop inside a bus shelter and spread a little joy on people’s morning commute. George served people coffee, tea, and homemade cookies while cafe music played in the background.

More: George Barratt-Jones h/t: twistedsifter

“We all know it, taking the bus isn’t the most fun thing to do. So why can’t it be more luxurious and fun?”

“I created a First Class Bar at the bus stop in my street. Serving people coffee, thee and a home made cookies. While cafe music is being played in the background.”

“People came together and started talking to eachother. About their jobs, their plans for the day and general small talk.”

“I tried to turn their most hated part of the day into something hopefully more enjoyable. This project was all about create more fun. Making people 10% happier.”

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