Vintage Cars, Palms & Backyard Pools in Californian Inspired Paintings by Danny Heller – Design You Trust

Vintage Cars, Palms & Backyard Pools in Californian Inspired Paintings by Danny Heller

Danny Heller is a Californian native artist, inspired by older things like homes, publics buildings, furnitures or cars that tend to have a story.

“I specifically focus on the period of 1950s and 1960s American because it’s what I’m familiar with. I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles where there was a big development boom after World War II. This led to a lot of midcentury relics throughout where I lived, even though I didn’t actually grew up in the 50s and 60s. These places and thing are so dynamic ! The cars with bold colors and space-age styling, the houses with dramatic angles and large expanses of windows and the furniture with graceful curves. These things all had an impact on me and in my work,” he says.

More: Danny Heller, Instagram h/t: fubiz

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