6 Feet Office: Is This What The Office Of The Future Will Look Like?


Homeworking will continue, but office life – in some form – will, too. The challenge lies in how to adapt workplaces. Global real estate company Cushman & Wakefield has risen to the challenge with a new design.

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It’s called the Six Feet Office. It’s a way of transforming existing offices into places where the six-feet distance rule – which governments may continue to mandate – can be observed.


According to an architect company Cushman & Wakefield from Netherlands: “Certain phrases surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked global conversations, the most notable being social distancing – the entire world now understands the importance of staying six feet away. Across the globe, we’re in different stages of experiencing the pandemic. But, as we begin visualizing life after COVID-19, we must begin to think about what a six feet society will look like and how we will adjust.”


“‘The 6 feet rule’ isn’t going away any time soon and we at Cushman & Wakefield understand how critical it is to normalize this guideline into everyday life. Eventually, we will all return to work, but we must not forget this golden rule.”


“The 6 Feet Office is our conceptual idea to help our clients prepare for their employees to return to the office.”



1. 6 Feet Quick Scan: A concise but thorough analysis of the current working environment in the field of virus safety and any other opportunities for improvement.

2. 6 Feet Rules: A set of simple and clear workable agreements and rules of conduct that put the safety of everyone first.

3. 6 Feet Routing: A visually displayed and unique routing for each office, making traffic flows completely safe.

4. 6 Feet Workstation: An adapted and fully equipped workplace at which the user can work safely.

5. 6 Feet Facility: A trained employee who advises on and operationally ensures an optimally functioning and safe facility environment.

6. 6 Feet Certificate: A certificate stating that measures have been taken to implement a virus-safe working environment.



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