18 Times When People Fixed Their Cars With Creativity Instead Of A Car Service

“Dent Covered With A Detailed Map Of The Region Using A Permanent Marker Pen”


Few things in life are worse than a car accident. If you are lucky enough to escape without injury, your car is going to be left with some scars that will cost a small fortune to repair. And who wants to spend their hard-earned cash on that? Nobody.

That’s why some people decide to look for alternatives, alternatives that require one to embrace the dent in your car. I mean, if it still drives, what’s a bit of cosmetic damage? There are myriad ways to tastefully (or not) incorporate imperfections on your vehicle, creative and funny works of art that can sometimes make the car look even better than it did before. Or you can just write that Chuck Norris did it!

h/t: boredpanda

“If Anybody Has Thor’s Number, I Found His Hammer”


“That’s One Way To Deal With Car Scratches”

“Making The Best Out Of A Bad Situation”

“This Car Scratch Cover Up”


“Mailbox: 1, Honda: 0”


“The Way The Owner Of This Car Dealt With His Dent”


“Nice Way To Cover Up The Dents”


“My Ninja Turtles Drawing On A Bumper Dent”


“Alternative To Paying For A New Bumper, Now I Love It”

“That’s One Way To Cover Up A Dent…”


“T-Rex Attack”

“My 16-Year-Old Sister Said She Will Keep Adding Band-Aids To My Car Until I Get My Dent Fixed. Day 96”


“Damnit Laura!”


“Best Way To Deal With A Dent”

“Put A Bandaid On It”


“This Person’s Awesome Solution To Covering Up A Large Dent On Their Car”


“I Wonder Where That Dent Came From”


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