Unbelievable Hyper-Realistic Pastel Drawings On Boards Of Wood By Ivan Hoo – Design You Trust

Unbelievable Hyper-Realistic Pastel Drawings On Boards Of Wood By Ivan Hoo


Singapore based artist Ivan Hoo exudes pure talent. He started out looking at the works of season artist. Today, he is making works of art that is nothing short of perfection.


According to an artist: “I look up to pastel painters like Degas and pioneer photorealists like Audrey Flack, Roberto Bernadi (who paints realistic still life works) and, recently, Julian Beever, who influenced me to start drawing anamorphic works. I always love to draw realistic art or artworks that tease the eyes and the brain. By working on wood, it gives me a lot of dimension and ideas to create something close to reality and it works really well with pastels, too. I started to experiment on wood some years back with mainly portraits as my subject before going further with a different concept. I started to think of ideas and draw things that we could see ‘happening’ on a piece of wood, so the very first idea that struck me was the dripping effect.”


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