The Crotch Cannon: A More Natural Way To Perform A Snow Job

Get complete satisfaction from giving a Snow Job with this Crotch Cannon!

“We love combining systems of products and techniques so people get a great result using our car care and have bit of fun while doing it. With that in mind, we’ve created this awesome strap on Crotch Cannon to make one of our favourite detailing jobs faster, easier and give it a more natural feel as well.”

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Allows a hands free application technique, so you can easily film your Snow Jobbing™ and put it on social media!

High quality, no leak fittings are incorporated into a comfortable, lightweight stretch material, that snugly wraps and supports your crotch, giving extra stability and external reinforcement for the cannons rock hard extrusion system.

The cannon bottle is secured on the back to give an almost perfect weight balance, lowering your chance of fatigue during use. Performing longer or multiple Snow Jobs will only increase your foaming pleasure.

The Crotch Cannon is an elegant statement, that will further reinforce to friends and neighbours that you’re a true car fanatic, each and every time your strap it on for your weekend Snow Job ritual.

Quick to learn, due to its more natural feel, so you will be quickly achieving more advanced techniques for a true hands free foaming experience.

Use with both the Snow Job foam and finish the job off right with complete satisfaction when using the new Happy Ending foam.

The Crotch Cannon is one of the most innovative products ever created for detailing, and it fits the Bowden’s Own mantra of feeling Natural, Elegant and Remarkable.

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