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Fabulous Tardis And Stormtrooper Themed Cat Furniture Made From Recycled Cardboard

Sure, your cat loves any cardboard box, but wouldn’t you rather see a Tardis in your home? Or the Taj Mahal? Or a medieval castle? Or a Maya pyramid? A Bulgarian family makes these elaborate constructions from recycle cardboard and sells them through their Etsy store CacaoPets.

“We are a small family of engineers which likes to think extraordinary. Ten years ago we got ourselves a cat – Shusha. Ever since, she has been a member of our family. Once while we were unpacking Shusha started playing in a cardboard box and thats when it came to us. Why not instead of throwing the cardboard, could we turn it into something much more useful. …The designs of the houses were thought in order to be liked not only by cats, but also by their owners. We have created beautiful designs that also match any kind of peoples interior.”

More info: Instagram, Shop (h/t: neatorama, laughingsquid)

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