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Cartoonist Illustrated Six Types Of Plant Parents. Which One Are You?

We all know that millennials love plants. Feeling depressed? Get a plant! Home looks dull? How about adding a plant? No money for raising a family? No worries, get a plant!

The cartoonist/urban farmer H-P Lehkonen made the most hilarious cartoon for us millennials about the 6 different types of plant moms/dads/parents! Are you the trash goblin? Or maybe you’re more like the sexy succulent lover? H-P’s Instagram account got flooded with comments from all over the world when he first posted the comic a few months back. I think it’s now time we all take a hard look at ourselves again and ask ourselves the question: “Which one am I?”

More: H-P Lehkonen, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon h/t: boredpanda

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