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Putin Pencil Sharpener Is a Bestselling Item On Etsy


This pencil sharpener has taken Etsy by storm and reached a bestseller status. You use it like any other ordinary pencil sharpener: you PUTIN the pencil in his bum and sharpen it just like the good old days before mechanical pencils.

More: Etsy h/t: sadanduseless


Haven’t used pencils for a long time? Now you’ll only exclusively use pencils. You will actually look forward to lead breaking and your pencil needing sharpening. You will even break your pencils on purpose!


It’s a great stress reliever and serves as a decoration for your desk or living room mantel, and is a great conversation piece and hopefully a piece of memorabilia of horrible times soon to pass.


Where to get it? Head over to Political Nuisance Etsy store to check it out. It’s not cheap, though. Probably because it appears to be 3D printed, possibly with one of those powder-and-resin systems, and those definitely aren’t cheap to operate. Gotta recoup them costs.


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