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Artist Documents The Best License Plates That People Have Spotted On Cars

There’s something about vanity license plates that can cause a severe case of eye-roll; this person refuses to make do with a random assortment of letters and numbers like the rest of us and insists on making a statement. “Oh, look at me everybody!”

Well not always. While some use the opportunity to promote themselves, their wealth and their lack of class, others take advantage of this tiny piece of advertising real-estate to make us laugh. Because on a long drive, any piece of entertainment on the roads should be welcomed, shouldn’t it?

While the DMV and other automobile authorities do try to keep things civilized and take the fun out of it, these people have found a way regardless. From puns and Pokemon to even getting their puppy involved, this list compiled by artist and documentarian Harvey Tribbolt is the very best of license plate creativity!

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