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Makeup Artist Uses His Face And Body As A Canvas To Recreate Famous Paintings

Many people might still not recognize makeup as an art form, but talented artists all over the world keep proving that amazing things can be created using only the power of makeup.

21-year-old Nils Verberne, also known as Lithunium Snow, is an exceptional makeup artist and model who describes himself as a “weird kid from the Netherlands doing his best with makeup and a camera.” And his “best” is totally working out for him as he has 579k followers on Instagram as well as 315k subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Along with other impressive makeup looks, Lithunium Snow used only makeup to recreate some of the most famous paintings in history on his own body. Inspired by iconic artwork by Hokusai, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, and Gustav Klimt, he transforms parts of his body into art with extreme attention to detail.

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