Photographer Invited Locals To Decorate Their Balconies For Christmas, Here Are The First 8 Original Decorations

According to Lithuanian photographer Adas Vasiliauskas: “Since the lockdown has changed the way Christmas will be celebrated this year, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, invites its residents to engage in a festive yet safe Christmas balcony decorating initiative. I teamed up with Vilnius City Municipality to present the initiative – “Christmas on the Balconies” – aimed at inspiring Lithuanians to showcase their ingenuity and enforce a sense of togetherness under the current conditions.”

More: Adas Vasiliauska, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

“In light of the extension of the second lockdown in Lithuania, I welcome the artists and the residents of Vilnius to let their imagination shine through the quarantine restrictions and make festivities especially safe by decorating an unexpected area of their home—their balconies. We aspire to demonstrate that holidays can transgress their traditional aspect and that there are safe alternatives to all-family events.”

“Since the first project was inspired by the newly-formed quarantine reality, I wanted to make the second lockdown more in tune with the holidays. My first project involved taking pictures of people in fun situations on their balconies and through their windows during the first lockdown. So for the Christmas season, I wanted to create something festive yet safe. By inviting the citizens to decorate their balconies as originally as possible, I wanted people to unleash their fantasies and see this as an opportunity to show the world that celebrations and fun are not over even in a pandemic.”

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