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These Japanese Umbrellas Reveal Hidden Patterns When Wet

Image credits: flipbook62

Just like when you pack up your rain gear when the sun comes out, these awesome umbrellas from Japan “pack up” their patterns when they become dry. With a combination of water repellent and absorbent coatings, they will only reveal their beautiful patterns to you when protecting you from the rain!

Image credits: NilsAxelsson

The technology behind these umbrellas has been embraced by a wide variety of manufacturers who create many different designs, including ones with traditional Japanese motifs or pop-culture characters.

Image credits: Piarrate


As these umbrellas originated from Japan, many are available in traditional Japanese styles, which often have far more ribs than their Western counterparts.

Image credits: jonellepatrick

You won’t have to go to Japan to get them, though – plenty of different examples are available on Amazon here, here, here and here.

Image credits: rakuten

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