‘The Ring’ Doughnut And ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cake: Introducing Lou Lou P And Her Incr-Edible Food Art

For the Game of Thrones fans out there, we’ve just found something to add to your list of merchandise: edible art! UK baker and food artist, Lou Lou P (previously), has recently crafted a series of cake pops depicting key Game of Thrones characters. But that’s not it!

Lou Lou P prefers to challenge herself, “creating ridiculous bakes,” which she then photographs for others to enjoy online. “Make no mistake though, everything remains edible and delicious,” she says.

Lou Lou P explains, “It’s about problem solving….understanding your materials/ingredients, their limitations and their possibilities”. We know that if we had the time, and talent, to master such baking we’d be locking ourselves in the kitchen for days!

We won’t be looking at doughnuts the same now that we’ve seen this creation, dedicated to The Ring…We aren’t sure if we want to run or dig in!

Aliens bursting from macarons…We think we just lost some of our afternoon cravings. We’re not sure if we want to be chomping down on this monster, honouring ‘Alien’. Nonetheless, it’s a masterpiece.

Keep browsing through this weird and wonderful selection, and if you’re keen on finding out more head over to Lou Lou P’s Facebook page and order some of her creations online! – Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller


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