“Pre-collapsed”: The Superb Digital Art Nouveau by Andy Rolfes

Andy Rolfes is an artist, photographer and associate director based in Brooklyn, New York. Obsessed with fashion and figure, his personal work often revolves around personhood, crowds, and romanticized fantasy intermingled with everyday life.

He is currently taking care of his agency, @team.rolfes, but can be found online or wandering around Brooklyn.

More: Andy Rolfes, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foundation

“Using my own voyeuristic perspective, my practice explores how much I project my own ideas of identity and escapism onto both the people I know and strangers I spy on among the crowd. Subverting the comforts of reality by wrangling a sense of verisimilitude out of stylized scenes, I seek to disjoint and confuse with rich amalgams of traditional and new mediums,” he writes.

“Starting with my personal photography archives, including moments with friends and events where I perform as a fly on a wall, I simulate the strange re-contextualization, aesthetic distortion and abstraction that occur in translating another person’s sense of identity within contemporary society. Meanwhile, I look to Surrealism, theoretical physics, mass culture and other methods of stealing and stylizing reality for my own means.”

“My final products are results of combining virtual abstractions and recognizable physical motifs like building blocks, displaying the fantastic and surreal scenes formed by the collision of one identity into another.”

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