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This Artist Draws a Maps of the World with Just Single Line

Artist Tyler Foust shared his latest work on reddit, a map of the USA drawn in only 3 lines, doing his best to separate states using gaps.

When you realize 2 of the 3 lines are for Alaska and Hawaii, it makes the single continuous line used to draw the contiguous US all the more impressive! And if that wasn’t enough, Foust even managed to sneak in an Easter Egg… if you look closely you may find ‘Tfoust’ somewhere in the drawing (hint: it’s upside down and mirrored somewhere in the midwest)!

In the comments on reddit, Foust said he started the line at Washington and ended in Maine and that the illustration took him a few hours to complete. Tyler says he is working on a book with each state drawn in a single line.

“This is the HD scanned (600 DPI) digital download of my “3 Line USA” drawing. This scan captures every movement in precise detail on an HD JPEG file. With this image you are free to enlarge the image to fit your needs in an almost limitless size. This is the exact same scan I use for my signed and numbered prints. Note, the image in the thumbnail is of much lower quality than the download and scan itself. If you download the scan and are unhappy with the actual image quality then I will refund your purchase,” he wrote.

More: Etsy, Reddit h/t: twistedsifter

Canada map drawn with one line

Ireland one line drawing

United States of America drawn with one line

Maine in one line

“Following a trip I spent in Maine at the beautiful Pleasant Pond, I decided to make this one line drawing of the state. I chose to use the Portland Head Lighthouse as an iconic symbol to include in this drawing. This is the digital file of the drawing. Despite the icon, the downloadable image is in very high definition and is appropriate to print on a very large scale.”

Switzerland one line drawing

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