6 Pics That Show What Happened ‘Behind The Scenes’ Of Famous Paintings

Probably anyone can agree that classic famous paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci or Pablo Piccaso will always be among some of the most appreciated art pieces in history. After all, who doesn’t know “Mona Lisa”? Fun fact: over 6 million people visit this famous painting at the Louvre each year!

But, have you ever thought about what happened while these famous paintings were being made? Was it easy for models to pose standing or sitting still, barely moving, and waiting patiently for the painting to be done?

Well, Russian artist, Lesya Guseva has all the answers for you! A while ago, we presented you with her funny series where she showed what several famous characters would look like if they had aged. This time, Lesya decided to create a new series where she shows what was happening behind the scenes of famous paintings during their creation.

Curious? Scroll down the page and check out the hilarious stories behind the most famous paintings!

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“Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci

“And He Took a Little Bite” by Lesya Guseva

“Can you imagine this ermine sitting patiently and waiting while Leonardo was painting a portrait of them? I guess not! It seems to me that after a few minutes of waiting, he grabbed this lady’s finger with all his strength.”

“Girl with Peaches” by Valentin Serov

“Girl without Peaches” by Lesya Guseva

“Do you believe that this girl was left with peaches and she did not eat them but instead patiently waited? Personally, I don’t believe that! I think that when the artist turned away, she quickly ate the peaches. The peach juice was flowing down her chin and fingers, and, unfortunately, on her new blouse!”

“Girl on the ball” by Pablo Picasso

“The Girl Falling off the Ball” by Lesya Guseva

“Sometimes circus dogs are very insidious. It seems to me that this is how events developed behind the scenes of this famous picture.”

“Merchant’s Wife at Tea” by Boris Kustodiev

“The Kitten Missed the Jump” by Lesya Guseva

“I resent! Well, did you ever see a cat who would calmly stand on the railing and rub against the woman’s sleeve while there are so many interesting things on the table? Let’s be honest, that eventionally this cat jumped onto the table but.. surely missed it!”

“The Singing Butler” by Jack Vettriano

“Dancing Happily, Without Fear of Rain” by Lesya Guseva

“I looked at this painting for a really long time and decided that it should have been even more fun than it was pictured. After all, what kind of a normal person would dance with a party dress on a deserted beach during the rain? Obviously, this couple was not sober!”

“Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci

“The Secret of Eyebrows Revealed” by Lesya Guseva

“Mona Lisa, darling, leave your eyebrows alone! There is almost nothing left! I imagine how Mona Lisa struggled to pull out another hair. I bet that afterward the famous painter asked her to smile and captured the smile which would last for centuries.”

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