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Artist Inserts The Legendary Grumpy Cat Into Disney Movies

Bella No

Though there are many cats on the internet, there are a few as memorable and impactful as Grumpy Cat, the internet phenomenon who dominated the internet with her hilarious disdain in 2012 and onwards. Sadly, the cat left us in May of 2019, and she was mourned not only by her family, but seemingly the whole internet.

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Circle Of No

To cherish her not-so-bright-but-more-of-a-pessimistic memory, here’s a post about her being illustrated as one of the characters of famous Disney movies. What does the positive Disney have to do with the negative Grumpy Cat? Seemingly not much, but it turns out they go perfectly together like salt and pepper or yin and yang. Grumpy Cat was so powerful as a personality that she could’ve changed the course of the usually very positive Disney movies in an instant, and these drawings by Tsaoshin (Eric Proctor) illustrate it perfectly.

Evil Has A Beginning…

Someday My No Will Come

When You Wish Upon A No

Let It No

Part Of Your No

When Will My No Begin

Tale As Old As No

He Mele NO Lilo

Are You Satisfied With Your Care?

A Whole New No

Colors Of The No

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