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Vintage Advertising Photos Of A Serbian Brewery From The 70s

Advertising photos of Serbian Apatinska brewery bring back memories of the good old times during the 70s. Back then, the “red” passport was one of the most valuable ones in the world, people were driving domestically produced Fiat 500’s, and yogurt came in triangular paper packs.

h/t: boredpanda

These photos show some of the old brands from Apatinska brewery, such as Apa juices and Derby beer and the old Jelen beer bottle. Apart from evoking memories, these photos also serve to show how the perception of female beauty, as well as the overall approach to design has changed throughout the years.

Good looking ladies from these photographs were featured in traditional Apatin brewery calendars that could be found on the walls of many mechanic stores, hair salons, taverns, and truck cabins.

Aluminum ad poster that was to be found in every Apatinska brewery point of sale back then.

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