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Hilarious Comics With Unexpectedly Dark Endings By ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’

The Perry Bible Fellowship or PBF comics have been around longer than some of you have been alive. The dark and ingenious ideas of Nicholas Gurewitch have been shaking the world for two decades. What started as a university newspaper comic strip has become one of the internet’s most beloved webcomics packed with whimsical, dark, and unexpected humor.

On January 23th, The Perry Bible Fellowship celebrated its 20-year anniversary since the first comic was created and prepared a treat for the readers. To mark the occasion, PBF is collaborating with other great comic artists to create 20 comics, so you might recognize your favorite artists’ style. This was exciting news to lifelong fans of The Perry Bible Fellowship because that meant a regular dose of grim and absurd comedy after Gurewitch cut back on the production of weekly comics in 2008 and posted new comics infrequently.

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